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When Should Children Get Their First Cell Phone?

Cell phones can be powerful tools. The most notable of those features is the ability to call someone in the event of an emergency. This has led to children receiving their first cell phone at earlier and earlier ages. Children can get the marvel of communication with just a bit of consideration.

What does the school think

The first thing to consider is the child’s school. Some of these halls of education will not allow young kids to carry a cell phone. Why spend all that money for your child’s cell phone when they won’t be able to carry it with them.

A side effect to look at is theft in the school. This is more prevalent in middle school and high school, but should not be down played for those younger tykes. High cell phone theft rates in your child’s school system should not be overlooked in your considerations.

Consider the wear and tear that your child is going to put that cell phone through while they are at school. There is a good chance it will get broken thanks to schoolbook landing on top of it. This might be the best opportunity to look at cheap cell phone plans options versus those portable super computers called smart phones.

How responsible are those children

Cell phones can go a long way in teaching kids about responsibilities. This can be as simple as giving them a basic cell phone that only makes calls. This can also be as complicated as sitting down with your kids to go over all the line items of a bill to help them understand what they are costing you on a phone.

It is often best to start younger kids out on a phone that does not offer a whole lot of features. The last thing you want is to have junior scaling the mountain of data overage fees because they wanted to surf the net. Prepaid phones might be the best option for those children under 10.

Teenagers will unfortunately demand more from their phones. They have an image they want to uphold. This might be the best time to go over cell phone features and their associated costs. It might even be worth everyone’s sanity to have that teenager chip in for his or her bill. It is never too early to learn good budgeting skills.

It all rests in your hands

Cell phones in your child’s hands ultimately rest on you. Nobody can dictate to you how comfortable you are with the idea of your child carrying a phone. If you feel that at age six your child is old enough for a phone, then so be it. Every person is different, and this includes children. Just make sure you educate your kids on what they are about to receive.

It is ultimately up to the parents to decide when to give their children a cell phone. Consider these few tips if you are now debating this issue. A cell phone can be a powerful tool in the hands of children who understand the responsibilities behind that new gadget.

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